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Open Source Development of Decentralized Technologies and Applications

We are a horizontally structured organization which is building decentralized open source solutions for anyone to use. Our community and team is a loosely formed group working tirelessly to make our vision a reality. Everyone is welcome to join us.



Our modular design and low level C code is the foundation for everything we do. The best known elements in our platform are Komodo and Iguana Core, both of which seamlessly complement each other.


We have an extensive API and support for third party development. Our framework also allows us to do rapidly develop new applications. We welcome any project to utilize and build on our accomplishments.


To showcase our platform and framework we are building decentralized applications that solve real world problems. These applications will generate revenue, thereby ensuring our funding for further development.

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Our main product is a powerful application called ‘Iguana’. It is the most advanced cryptocurrency wallet on the market, and it uses all the technologies we have been developing during the past three years. Iguana is a cryptocurrency application capable of doing atomic swaps between the supported coins.

Thus you can conveniently trade and exchange your coins without any counterparty risk. Inside the app you also have the option to use our fully fledged Komodo wallet, and do private transactions.
Stay stuned for a complete Iguana roadmap.


Cryptocurrencies no longer need to waste resources and electricity to secure their blockchain, they can simply use the Komodo notary nodes to secure their systems in a cost-effective way, thus making Bitcoin the heartbeat of this new generation of cryptocurrencies.